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More than 30 years of entrepreneurship and continuity

  • More than 30 years of experience and driving ability in entrepreneurship and continuous management have established a stable, efficient and standardized economic management system.。
advanced technology

The products have passed the SGS test and have completed the EU REACH registration.。

  • The company's leading products have been included in the national science and technology plan project, the technical indicators of the products have reached the international advanced level, and the products have passed the SGS test, and all have completed the EU REACH registration.。
Advanced equipment

Strict quality control to ensure high quality products for customers

  • With world-class production equipment, technology and mature technology, strict quality control to ensure high quality products for customers。
Quality service

Provide customers with fast, high quality pre-sales and after-sales service

  • The large, stable and competitive sales and service network in many countries and regions around the world provides strong support for the company's market development, and can provide customers with fast, high-quality pre-sales and after-sales service.。
Integrity first

Modern management concept, continuous innovation

  • Long-term goal, integrity first, civilized management, talent training。
Plant equipment
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Fang Ruida - located on the beautiful Liuyang River!

Liuyang Fangruida Chemical Co., Ltd.

Liuyang Fangruida Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful Liuyang River, mainly engaged in research and development, production and sales of flame retardants, crosslinkers, rubber vulcanizing agents and pharmaceutical intermediates. At present, the cross-linking agent TAIC...

Air conditioning wire and cable

Air conditioning wire and cable sheathing formula example is as follows CPE135B 65-70 EPDM 35-30 BIPB40B 8-12 TAIC 3-6 Filler 150-200 Plasticizer 15-25 Acid abso...

Introduction of performance use

1 Natural rubber (NR) comprehensive performance, simple processing, shortcomings are oil, heat, cold, chemical, aging and other properties are too poor, far less...

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General principles for vulcaniz
With the increase in room temperature vulcanizates and the appearance of high temperature vulcanization, the vulcanization temperature tends to two extremes. Fro...
What are the application fields
1. The modification of engineering plastics such as nylon, PP, PBT, PC, POM can improve the fluidity, eliminate the glass fiber exposure, overcome the warpage, i...
What is the significance of oil
The oil absorption value, also called the resin adsorption amount, is an index indicating the amount of filler absorbed by the resin. In practical applications, ...
Solution to the scaling problem
In the rubber processing industry, mold scaling is a common phenomenon. A deposit is formed on the mold wall during the vulcanization process and gradually accum...
How is the hardness of the modi
Hardness refers to the ability of a material to resist the pressing of other hard objects into its surface. The hardness value is a conditional quantitative refl...
What are the main properties of
The main properties of vulcanized rubber are as follows: Tensile properties are properties that should be considered first for all compounds, including tensile s...